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     Ok motorheads, this may be the best event of the Lotus year.  If you've never been to the Dream Machines show before , then ya gotta make it.  This is the 11th annual event at the Half Moon Bay airport and has grown to include about 2000 vehicles.  This ain't just cars though. You'll see helicopters, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, tractors, steam engines, and anything else with a motor (or that some crazy can fit a motor into).  The date is Sunday, April 29.
     I guarantee that anyone who attends this event will have a great time and see many things that will truly astonish them.  How 'bout a blown, V8 powered, hemi Radio Flyer wagon?  Or a  Ferrari 308 powered Harley?  Or a WWII P51 modified for air racing ?
     Many GGLCers have already committed to attending this event and it will be great to have a bunch of Loti  parked together.  The plan is to meet in the Half Moon Bay shopping center parking lot  (at hwy 92 and hwy 1) at 9:00am and enter the event as a group. We must enter together to be able to park next to each other. A group will be leaving from the Stanford Shopping Center parking lot (where we meet for the ABCM) at 8:00AM to drive over the hill and up the coast to HMB.
     The cost for the event is $25 per car at the gate and all proceeds go to support Coastside Adult Day Health Center.  You can also pre-enter for $20 by going to

It appears that most everyone in our club now has access to email.  To keep the GGLC moving into the 21st century, we're going to create an email list to notify everyone of upcoming events and important club news.  Keep in mind that this list will only be used by club officers and the newsletter staff for announcements and will not be available for relaying messages from individual members to the group.  The volume of mail from this source will likely be only 1 or 2 messages per month.  If you have access to email, please send a message to  and you will be added to the group.

You are holding in your hands the legendary April Fool's edition of the Chapman Report, and as such,  the contents are prone to be laced with parody and outright fabrication. Read at your own risk.

Heads Up ! If we can get 20 or more members to pre-purchase tickets (at the discounted rate of $15/day) we can have our own Lotus Corral at Turn 2. Deadline for ticket sales that apply to corral is May 1st. Contact Daren Stone at (408) 527-5044 or for details.