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GGLC 2023 Track Days

Feb 4 - Streets of Willow
Mar 2 - Sonoma Raceway
Apr 23 - Chuckwalla Raceway
May 22 - Thunderhill 5-Mile
June 30 - Sonoma Raceway
Sept 4 - Thunderhill East
Oct 3 - Sonoma Raceway
Oct 30 - Laguna Seca
Dec 30 - Buttonwillow Raceway

The GGLC welcomes all manufacturers at GGLC Track Days, not just Lotus owners. Come out and join us! GGLC Track Days are designed to allow Lotus and sports car enthusiasts enjoy driving in controlled conditions without random traffic and law enforcement. GGLC Track Days are not races, but allow the driver to run at their pace and enjoy the capability of the car.

At a typical GGLC Track Day event drivers will have too much track time, liberal passing rules in the slower group, and unlimited (safe) passing in the faster group.

The basic rules at GGLC Track Days are:

  • Drive within your skill and comfort level.
  • Pass only in designated passing zones. Be courteous and responsible!
  • Drivers are responsible for insuring that their car is safe. Learn about preparing your car: CAR PREP
  • Helmets are required on track and must be Snell SA2010 or SA2015 (see below).
  • Driving suits are not required, but wear cotton clothing that fully covers your arms and legs.
  • Have FUN!

Each of our events has a limited number of spots available for first time track drivers. These spots typically sell-out very quickly. Beginner drivers will be required to take one of our designated coaches as a passenger until they are approved to drive solo. A friend or professional instructor may also serve as your coach, but this must be approved with us beforehand.

Helmets: Drivers and passengers are required to wear a helmet that meets or exceeds a Snell rating of SA2015 or newer. Motorcycle and bicycle helmets do not meet Snell SA requirements for on-track use.

Apparel: Drivers and passengers should wear full length pants and shirts on track, preferrably made of cotton fabric. Closed toe shoes are required, no sandals or flip-flops.

The Golden Gate Lotus Club may ask the driver that has a mechanical failure or damages to track property (on or off track) that results in additional costs charged to the GGLC by the track, to either pay the track directly for the costs or reimburse the GGLC.

The GGLC recognizes that unfortunate things happen at the track that are outside of the driver's control. As a result, in the event that the track applies any additional charges to us for any clean-up, damage to track property, etc., we will now consider whether to pass on these additional costs to the responsible driver on a case-by-case basis.

The GGLC prices our events with the intent to break-even and any additional costs we incur come straight out of club funds which ultimately has a bearing on our ability to host these events.

"Thanks for the incredible day, you guys know how to do it right!" BM

"The GGLC track event was an absolute blast. Your events are the best I have attended. Tons of track time, great respectful people and a fair number of good drivers!" BM

"Thanks for putting together a great event today. Loads of fun and more track time than I knew what to do with!!!" BM

Typical GGLC Track Day schedule (will vary by event and track)

  • Gates open at 7:00 AM
  • Mandatory Driver's Meeting 8:15 AM
  • First Group Out at 9:00 AM
  • Morning sessions from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
  • Lunch Break
  • Afternoon sessions from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

    The GGLC Track Days are not a substitute for high speed driving instruction. For those new to track events and/or have limited experience driving at high speeds on track the GGLC usually has a limited number of spots. These spots are with a coach and will help those with limited or no track experience to become aclimated with on-track driving rules and technique. Contact the GGLC Track Day chairman to reserve one of these spots - email

    As an alternative GGLC suggests you consider gaining knowledge and track experience at any one of the many instructional track events or at a driving/racing school such as:

    Questions can be directed to

    GGLC Track Day - Monday, October 30, 2023 - WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca

    Come join the Golden Gate Lotus Club for this open track event at Laguna Seca Raceway on Monday, October 30.

    Registration is open!

    You do not need to own a Lotus to attend this event.

    Entry fee is $360 for members and $380 for non-members.

    We will be running (3) run groups with approximately 20 minute sessions each. Your options will be Advanced Group, Intermediate Group, and Novice Group. There are a very limited number of Beginner slots available. Beginners will run in the Novice Group and will be required to have a coach assigned to them to ride in the passenger seat in order to enter the track. If we can find more coaches, we will send out an announcement for additional beginner slots. The groups will be classified as follows:

    Beginners (sharing track with the Novice Group)
    Very limited Beginner/1st Timer slots in Novice.

    Novice Group
    You must have a minimum of 1 track day or equivalent previous experience. This group is intended for drivers with less skill/experience. Passing without a point-by will be allowed on the long straights and some of the short straights. Passing in turns will be allowed with a point-by.

    Intermediate Group
    You must have a minimum of 8 track days previous experience. This group is intended for cars with drivers with some skill/experience. Passing without a point-by will be allowed on the long straights and some of the short straights. Passing in turns will be allowed with a point-by.

    ADVANCED Group
    You must have a minimum of 18 track days experience or equivalent. Passing without a point-by will be allowed everywhere except between Turn 7 and Turn 10 (Corkscrew section).

    Laguna Seca enforces a strict sound limit of 92db. Elise & Exige owners note that most aftermarket exhaust systems may not meet the 92db level. DO NOT COUNT ON LIFTING AT THE SOUND CHECK!

    This event will run rain or shine. There will be no money back cancellations. If you need to cancel before February 22nd and we can fill your spot, then we will offer you a rain check for a future event.

    Sessions will be about 20 minutes long. You can expect to get at least 6 sessions.

    Open top cars must have a roll bar. Factory installed roll bars are okay. Open wheeled cars will be allowed in the Advanced Group.

    We will not conduct a tech inspection on your car. You are solely responsible for the safety of your car.

    There will be no formal instruction offered at this event. You are always encouraged to ask more experienced drivers for help, advice or ride-a-longs. This is NOT a driving school and it’s up to the individual drivers to request assistance.

    Click the button at the bottom of the page to register via

    We will close registration will the groups are full. We suggest that you enter early to insure a spot. This event will almost certainly sell-out.

    Questions can be directed to

    GGLC 2023 Track Day - Saturday, December 30, 2023 - Buttonwillow Raceway

    Registration is open for the Lotus Club of So California - Golden Gate Lotus Club Buttonwillow Track Day on Saturday, December 30, 2023.

    At this event we will run the Track 13 configuration track in the clockwise direction and counter-clockwise in the afternoon! TRACK MAP

    You do not need to own a Lotus to attend this event. We run our events as close to non-profit as we can and you will not find a better price for a full day on the track.

  • LOW car counts per run group.  Ever get frustrated that your track time is just spent in traffic?  Each of our groups are capped at lower car counts than what other organizations run.  Drivers at LCOSC events are sure to be able to find plenty of clear track.
  • LOW total car count.  Not only do we run low car counts per group, we also run only three total run groups!  This means that you’ll get an hour of track time in the morning, and over an hour in the afternoon.  If you run all the sessions, you'll end up with more than 2.5 hours of driving time for the day, double of what most organizations offer!
  • SAFE AND FRIENDLY environment.  We’re a club that emphasizes track safety.  If you’re a beginner looking to just begin tracking, we help provide coaching and an environment you’ll be comfortable with.  If you’re a seasoned driver, our low key atmosphere ensures a fun filled day.

    Pricing is $250 for members and $270 for nonmembers, if you register before December 9.  Pricing changes to $270 for members and $290 for nonmembers on December 10.  If you are not a LCOSC or GGLC family member, you can become a LCOSC member for $25 when you sign up and take the member discount immediately.  

    We will be running Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced run groups.  Advanced Group is for experienced drivers with 15+ track days/racing experience or equivalent who are comfortable with open passing conditions (although point-bys are always encouraged).  Intermediate Group is for drivers with a minimum of 5 track days experience who are comfortable with point-by passing anywhere on track.  Novice Group is open to all drivers and will be point-by passing only on the main straight and other designated zones.  Drivers with no track experience should register in Novice and e-mail to request a private coach.

    We have a low registration limit to ensure the best possible track day experience, so register now!  We hope to see you on track!

    When's the driver's meeting? - In the paddock at 8:00 am the day of the event.

    Are there restrictions on cars? - All types of cars are welcome to attend.  Formula cars will be allowed in the advanced group only.  Convertibles must have roll-over protection that mounts at four points.  No "Style Bars" will be accepted.  Factory installed roll hoops are acceptable.

    How do I tech my car? - We will not conduct a tech inspection on your car. You are solely responsible for the safety of your car.

    What helmet do I need? - Helmets are required and must be Snell SA2015 or later.

    Can I bring a passenger? - Passengers are welcome to ride along as long as they sign the event waiver, wear a helmet that meets our requirements, are 16 years or older, the vehicle has the appropriate safety systems to safely carry a passenger, and the driver does not have a full time LCOSC coach.

    We will run the event run rain or shine. Cancellations before 12/15/2023 will receive a credit for a future track day which will be good for one year from the cancellation date.

    Click the button at the bottom of the page to enter. Please use this website and your credit card to register and pay for your entry.

    The number of cars is limited to maximize track time. We suggest that you enter early to insure a spot.

    Questions can be directed to

    Information & Directions to Buttonwillow Raceway

    How to Enter


    On-line registration system!
    The GGLC is using for on-line registration. First register with (no-cost procedure) and then register for the track day (you can pay using your credit card). When you click on the button below you be taken to the registration page. Continue to the bottom of the page and click on the Registration button.

    GGLC MEMBERS: When you initially register with you be asked to "Enter your membership number for the Golden Gate Lotus Club or N/A". Type in "N/A" in that field.