The Europa Side - Transmission Mounts

By Don Nester
Chapman Report - Jan 1979

After minor modifications have been made to the original transmission motor mount housing, Dodge Dart upper A-arm bushing (1963-73), costing about $3 each, may be substituted for the original Lotus mounts. This modification requires 2 new ½ inch motor mount bolts and a one inch electrical conduit coupling for parts. The tools required consist of gas welding equipment, a hacksaw, round files, and a vise. The following describes the required modification steps.

  1. Place jack under the transmission and then unbolt the mounts from the transmission and frame. Then remove the rubber inserts from the mounts by heating metal portion of mount with the torch.
  2. Fit a 1 1/8" section of the conduit coupling inside the original mount housing (will require some filing). Note: The electrical conduit coupling must be steel and will have an inside diameter of approximately 1 1/8".
  3. Position coupling as shown below and weld both inside and outside of coupling to original mount.
  4. Carefully file excess weld from inside of coupling so that the front end bushing is an interference fit.
  5. Drill the frame mount bolt hole to ½" (this is about a 1/32" oversize).
  6. Reassemble using new ½" bolts.