Europa Brake Interchange

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In a message dated 98-08-24

<< Can anyone recommend a source for calipers to fit a stock Europa S2 setup? Were these used on any other (common in North America) cars? I know about the swap of uprights/hubs/calipers from the Triumph GT6, but I'd like to investigate just the calipers for now. >>

From: Clive Roberts <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998

The Europa calipers (and Seven, and Elan) were Girling Type 14LF (the 14 denotes piston diameter - 14 eigthths, = 1-3/4 inch). They were used on all Spitfires, disc-equipped Heralds - perhaps also some Morris Ital / Marinas (Austin Americas in USA?) ? The larger caliper from the Girling family was the 16P (2 inch piston, by the same logic as above). This was fitted to Triumph GT6, TR4 etc (perhaps also Vitesse ?), some Lotus Cortinas, Elan +2 ?. This caliper will physically fit in place of the smaller 14LF, but I would not recommend it as a general upgrade - it will give you more front braking for a given pedal effort, but lack of front braking is rarely the main concern and introducing premature front wheel lock is not usually a good thing.

A caution on the larger caliper - in the late 70s the type changed from 16P to M16. This denoted the metric version - as far as I know, this only involved the threads for the brake pipes. Confusing if you source a pair of calipers from a late TR6, and wonder why your hose won't attach....

Concerning Europa rear brake upgrades, I know of someone fitting larger rear drums and being very happy with the results. I think the parts may have come from a 4 speed TR7, which had reasonable sized drums (9 inch?), and the same wheel stud pattern. Perhaps a Dolomite 1850 would also work - same axle, I don't think it had the nasty so-called self-adjusting mechanisms that afflicted other cars of that era.