2004 GGLC - Toy Rallye
Annual Benefit Variety Rallye to collect Toys for Needy Kids!

Despite weather report of morning rain the sun was out and the weather was perfect. Only proving that being a weatherman is about the only job you can hold and be right only half the time!

24 car loads of rallyiest came out for a fun time on a December Sunday afternoon. They brought with them toys of all kinds for needy kids. Proudly the GGLC has been co-presenting this benefit Rallye, first with the Fremont Touring Club and most recently with The Rallye Club.

About 50 toys were collected in the 2004 edition of this annual event. Rallyiest were guided around the industrial areas of Fremont and Newark. Working the checkpoints from the GGLC were Jim McClure, Jon Rosner, Mel Boss, Scott Hogben, Joel Lipkin and Tom Carney.

Worker & Entrant Lotus!

Rallye Registration with LOTS of toys!

Rallye school for newbies

Checkpoint with Tom, Jon & Jim

Checkpoint with Joel, Scott & Mel

Eric in this Esprit ran in 1st timer's class