1998 Palo Alto British Car Meet

By Kiyoshi

The 1998 British Car Meet was held on Sept 13, 1998 at El Camino Park in Palo Alto, California. The annual meet typically attracts 600-700 British cars and motorcycles. This year was no exception as hundreds of these Anglia-philes swarmed the grassy fields.

Each year is highlighted by a number of awards chosen by the entrants. The meet is low key and not a concours and some of the entrants approach the event with humor, others with vanity - cleaning and preening their British hardware to a brilliant shine and others are casual and just pleased that their British car got them to the meet.

The most coveted award is the club participation award. Over the past 20 years the GGLC has won this award more than our fair share. Especially when considering the size of the GGLC and the build numbers of Lotuses versus Triumphs, MGs, Jags and Healys. 1998 GGLC Prez, Daren Stone had been beating the drum to get as many GGLCers to bring their cars and enjoy the meet. His efforts produced 42 cars, everything from Sevens, Elevens, Elans, Esprits, Eclats, Elites (old and new), M100 Elans and even a 23B. Unfortunately the Triumph Travelers club brought nearly 60 cars, but there's next year!