GGLC/Club111 Autocross
Sept 22, 2007 - Marina Airport

The weather was supposed to be perfect, it was September in California! But instead we had British weather, with a steady rain all morning. We had a first time chairman, Alexander K. For his 1st chairmanship Alexander did a fantastic job of organizing the event.

Jason, our course designer, pulled something out of the oven! The course started with a spiral that looked very much like a "Cinnamon Roll". You started in the center and circled outward. That was followed by a very fast slalom that led into a sweeping right, then a three arm slalom. A sharp right followed and led into a left-right chicane. After left, you came into the finish.

The event wrapped up around 5:00 PM and within a very few minutes the cones were picked up and the area clear.