GGLC/Club111 Autocross
November 3, 2007 - Marina Airport

The weather was absolutely perfect! But, it was November in California and it was the nicest day of "summer" that we'd had all year! It started out cool with a slight breeze coming from inland instead of the usual blast of cold ocean air coming from the coast. Alexander K. and Larry B. Co-chaired the event and Jason cooked up a fast by thoughtful course.

The course started with a slight right and left. A combo double right 90s led into an optional direction slalom. About half drivers went to the left of the first cone and the rest to the right. By afternoon almost everyone figured out that going to the right was faster because it allowed for a later apex at the righthander at the end of the slalom.

After exiting the slalom and righthander it was a longish straight with a slight kink leading into a dogleg left. The Elise drivers were nearly hitting the rev limiter in 2nd at this point. The course ended with a 90-left and nearly 120-left that led into a big righthand circle and into the finish.

During the lunch break yearend trophies were awarded. A representative from SVAG was there to hand out the awards! Thank you SVAG for your support!

The event wrapped up around 4:30 PM and within a very few minutes the cones were picked up and the area clear.