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GGLC Lotus Europa Part Interchange / Cross Reference

The Golden Gate Lotus Club Parts Interchange is an compilation of information developed by GGLC members and others to assist all Lotus owners and enthusiasts. The GGLC can not promise that this information is correct and the user should use this information as a possible alternative. The user understands that they use this information at their own risk.

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Updated: April 20, 2019

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1 = Series 1 cars only
2 = Series 2 cars only
R = Series 1 and 2 Renault powered cars only
TC = Twin Cam cars only
JPS = Specials only
All = All Europas


Body Front Suspension Rear Suspension
Engine Transmission Hubs & Wheels
Steering Brakes Cooling System
Electrical System Heating & Ventilation Clutch
Fuel System Drive Train Miscellaneous


Series/Yr Description Lotus# Cross Reference

Section B - Body
2, TC, SP Exterior Door Handles   Jaguar XJ6, XJ12
All Front Bumper   Anglia
1 Fuel Gauge   Smith BF2201/11
2, TC, SP Fuel Gauge   Smith BF2227/00
1 Interior Door Handles   Renault R16
2, TC, SP Interior Door Handles   BMC MGB etc
1 Oil Pressure Gauge   Smith BP2204/00
2 Oil Pressure Gauge   Smith BP2207/99
TC, SP Oil Pressure Gauge   Smith PL2310/04
1 Speedometer   Smith SN6136/03
SP, TC Speedometer (352/365 gearbox)   Smith SN5226/23S
2, TC Speedometer (TC w/ 336 gearbox)   Smith SN5226/12
1 Speedometer Cable    Smith DF1107/00 138"
All Speedometer Cable Drive   Smith 05228/0169 or Renault R16 8300516-12 teeth
2, TC Speedometer Cable w/ 336 gearbox   Smith DF1107/00 138"
TC, SP Speedometer Cable w/ 352/365 gearbox   Smith DF1161/99 138"
1 Temperature Gauge   Smith BT2204/09
2, TC, SP Temperature Gauge   Smith BT2221/00
All Weatherstripping   Unigrip (at Auto Upholstery shops)
2, TC, SP Window motors   Delco, try Olds
All Replacement Keys (blanks)   Ignition: Ilco #FT6R or X1-MZ12
Door: Ilco #62FG, Taylor X22
Boot: Ilco #62DX, #62DR, #62FS

Section C - Front Suspension
1, early 2 Front Damper/Shock   Spax AS195/620, Koni 80-2147
1, early 2 Front Damper/Shock, adj spring perch   Spax AS195/620
2, TC Front Damper/Shock   Spax S195/620AM, Koni 80-2147
2, TC Front Damper/Shock, adj spring perch   Spax AS 195/620AM
SP Front Damper/Shock   Spax S195/620AM, Koni 80-2273
SP Front Damper/Shock, adj spring perch   Spax AS 195/620AM
All Hubs   TR Spitfire, GT6
All Front Uprights   Triumph Spitfire & GT6
All Ball Joints   TR Spitfire, GT6
All Lower Trunnion Kits   Uni-Part 88 514191
All Shock Bushings   British Leyland 14181

Section D - Rear Suspension
All Wheel Bearings - Outer   SKF or FAG 6206 2RS; NSK6206VVC3E-CSR1S5; NTN 6206LU, NTN6206LB
SP Wheel Bearings - Inner   SKF or FAG 6206 2RS
R Wheel Bearings - Inner Std.   SKF 600673 2RST (31mm ID)
R Wheel Bearings - Inner Mod.   SKF or FAG 6006 2RS (30mm ID, turn stub axle down to 30mm OD)
TC Wheel Bearings - Inner   SKF or FAG 6006 2RS 
1, early 2 Rear Shock/Damper   Koni 80-2251, Spax S195/621
  Rear Shock/Damper, adj spring perch   Spax AS195/621
Late 2, TC Rear Shock/Damper   Koni 80-2206, Spax S195/655
  Rear Shock/Damper, adj spring perch   Spax AS195/655
R U-Joints, type U-50 46D6005 Hardy Spicer K5 GB150, Borg Warner 114 514, Neapco 1-300 (TR Spitfire)
TC, SP U-Joints, type U-110 A074D6008Z Hardy Spicer K5 GB161
(TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, Volvo 164)
All Stub Axle Grease Seal   Gaco IN37966-33
All Trailing Arm Bushing   Metalastic 13/930
All Hub Nut & Washer Plate   Hillman Imperial
TC, SP Half Shafts   Hillman Imperial
All Bushes, Lower Link   62-on MG Midget

Section E - Engine
R Air Filter   Fram CA184PL, AC A356C (R16), Wix 46230
R Oil Filter   Fram PH35, Purolator L10101, Wix 51335
TC, SP Carburetors, Strombergs   Saab 99
TC, SP Strombergs 175-CD2 Rebuild Kit   Techlit 88-15577B, BAP08-19805, Lucas #MS5778, Premium Performance #ZE-15K, BAP/GEON08-19805[includes big air valve diaphram]
R Hose, Pump to Tank   Top Hose TR Spitfire
R Gasket Set, Complete   BAP 37012 (R16)
R Rear Crank Seal   Cefilac 61-80x100x13 (R16)
R Rod Bearings   Renault R16, Fuego, 1565 or 1647cc
R Main Bearings   Renault R16, Fuego, 1565 or 1647cc
R Water Pump   Int'l Auto Part 10 1060
R Thermostat   Napa Thomson #84 (R16)
TC, SP Air Filter   Weiand Lynx 41098, Purolator A24295
R Water Pump Belt   Goodyear 13291
R Alternator Belt   Goodyear 13T341
2 Exhaust system   Rayco Auto Service Centers
TC, SP Oil Filter   VW Dasher, Fram PH2870A, AC PF34, Purolator PL20252 or L20252, Wix 51327
TC, SP Crankshaft oil seal   Chicago Rawhide C/R313191
TC, SP Cam shaft seal   GACO M1S014
TC, SP Freeze Plug Kit   Ford EPK-37 Brass; US Tool & Mfg Co. (Addision, Il 60101) W-98
TC, SP Camshaft bearings   GKN Vandervell VPM91152-.010 for Ford Kent GT engine
TC, SP Crankshaft & Connecting Rod bearings   Vanderwell VPR819-.010 for Ford Kent GT engine
SP Alternator Belt   NAPA Modoc 25,06853
TC, SP Water Pump Belt   Gates Truflex 1230; A074E6005Z
TC, SP Air Filter   K&N E-249 or E-3350, Purolator A23336, Cooper AG376, Fram CA656

Section F - Transmission
TC, SP Transmission Shaft   R16
TC, SP Transaxle   Modified Renault 336, 365 or 352
TC, SP Shift Linkage Roll Pins   Hardware store item

Section G - Hubs, Wheels, Tires
  Front Hubs   Triumph Spitfire Mk1
All Front Wheel Bearings - Outer   Timken 03062 Cone; Timken 03162 Cup
All Front Wheel Bearings - Inner   Timken 07100S Cone; Timken 07210X Cup
All Rear Hub Locking Washer   Chrysler UK 7103561 Lock D Washer

Section H - Steering
All Steering Rack Bellows   TR Spitfire L: RTC002218; R: RTC002219
All Steering Rack   TR spitfire with either small track rod extenders or large dia hex. rack extenders

Section J - Braking System
2 Front Caliper, LH   Girling 64032149, Late TR Spitfire
2 Front Caliper, RH   Girling 64032150, Late TR Spitfire
TC, SP Front Caliper, LH   Girling 64032668, TR GT6
TC, SP Front Caliper, RH   Girling 64032669, TR GT6
R, early TC Rear Drum Assembly LH   Girling 64020304
R, early TC Rear Drum Assembly RH   Girling 64020906
late TC, SP Rear Drum Assembly LH   Girling 64030700
late TC, SP Rear Drum Assembly RH   Girling 64030702
All Caliper Rebuild Kit, Frt   Girling SP2697
All Caliper Piston, Frt   Girling 64327269
2 Brake Pads, Front   Girling 64327636MC, Repco D103
TC Brake Pads, Front   Girling 64327636MR
SP Brake Pads, Front   Girling 64327636MC, Capri 1600
2 Brake Shoes, Rear   Girling GB47970LK or (TR GT6) 54375 010LK
TC Brake Shoes, Rear   Girling GB47970LK or (TR GT6) 54375 010LK
SP Brake Shoes, Rear   Girling 64937084MC
2, TC Rear Wheel Brake Cylinder   Girling 64673476
2, TC Rear Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Kit   Girling SP2027 (TR GT6)
SP Rear Wheel Brake Cylinder   Girling 64675855
SP Rear Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Kit   Girling SP2369
All Brake Hose, Front   Girling 3700825W (Cortina)
All Brake Hose, Rear   Girling 64047354 ('70 Cricket frt)
2, TC Master Brake Cylinder, dual   Girling 64068928
2, TC Master Brake Cylinder, rebuild kit   Girling SP2610
SP Master Brake Cylinder   Girling 64066084
SP Master Brake Cylinder, rebuild kit   Girling SP2655
All Front Brake Discs   TR Spitfire or GT6
R, TC Front Calipers   Late TR Spitfire
SP Front Calipers   TR GT6
All Emergency Brake Handle   Renault R16
TC, SP Air Filter - Servo Unit   Girling 64949011/169
All Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads   Ford Taurus emergency brake

Section K - Cooling System
SP Lower Hose   Universal 1¼ in ID x 17in
SP Radiator Cap   50-51 Lincoln, Gates 31625
R Radiator Fan Motor   Bosch JPK12V0130701006, Mercedes 000 500 4093
TC, SP Heater Control Valve   Smith FHW5452/04
TC, SP Radiator Fan Motor   Smith FHM5761/05
TC, SP Radiator Fan   Smith FHM1215/01

Section L - Fuel System
R Gas Cap   Start G25
All Throttle Cable   VW Bus 211 721 555, cut to length
R Solex Carb   Capri 2000
R Carburetor replacement   Weber downdraft 36DGV
R Carburetor replacement   Weber sidedraft w/ Hermes manifold - Weber 45DCOE-13 #19600.022; jetting 1.50 Main; 1.80 Air; 0.45F9 Idle; 0.40 Pump; 2.25 Needle; 34mm Choke; 3.5 Secondary; F2 Emmulsion; 0.50 Orfice

Section M - Electrical System
R Ignition Kit   Bosch IK33 (Fiat 850)
R Fan Motor Relay   R16
R Distributor   Ducellier 4185 or 4267; Fiat 850 (minor mods)
R Starter Motor   Renault R10, Paris Rhone D8E48, D8E49 or D10E48
R Alternator Bearings   Skefco 6203 R166200RSI (motorola only)
1 Battery   Size 22UF
2 Backlight Switch   Renault 7700517549
1 Fuel Level Sender   Smith TBS 1514/000
2 Fuel Level Sender   Smith TBS 1514/001
TC, SP Fuel Level Sender   Smith TBS 1514/005
1 Tachometer   Smith RVI 2410/01
2 to 9/68 Tachometer   Smith RVI 1431/00
2 9/68 on Tachometer   Smith RVI 1432/00
TC  Tachometer   Smith RVI 1432/00
SP Tachometer   Smith RVI 1432/01
R Temperature Sender   Smith TT4804/00
TC, SP Temperature Sender   Smith TT6811/01, Jensen Healey 91428
1, 2 Oil Pressure Sender   Smith PT 1816/10
TC, SP Oil Pressure Sender   Capri V6, Capri II V6
1 Voltage Regulator   Smith BR 1300/01
2, TC, SP Voltage Regulator   Smith BR 1311/00, TR GT6 '69-72
TC, SP Oil Pressure Warning Switch   Lucas 64677386
TC, SP Alternator    Lucas 17ACR 23801, '64-71 Capri opt RH Alternator
1 Ammeter   Lucas CZU60 54036013
2 on Ammeter   Lucas CZU60 36426
TC, SP Distributor   Lucas 23D4 41225
2 on Tail Lamp Assembly   Jaguar E-type
TC Starter Motor   Lucas M35J 25209
SP Starter Motor   Lucas M35J 25246
1 Brake Light Switch   Lucas 57SA 34819
2 on Brake Light Switch   Lucas 2SH 34619
2 Turn Indicator Switch   Lucas 125SA 54033733
2 Headlamp dimmer switch   Lucas 102SA 35859
TC, SP Turn Indicator / Dimmer Switch   Lucas 163SA 30370
1 Ignition Switch   Lucas 47SA 34680
2 Ignition Switch   Lucas 149SA 35852
2 on Ignition Switch Locking   Lucas 54335169
2 Light Switch   Lucas 71SA 34403
TC, SP Panel Light Switch   Lucas 5R 78478
TC, SP Wiper, Wash Switch   Lucas 164SA 30398
1 Windscreen wiper motor   Lucas 12W 75664
2 on Windscreen wiper motor   Lucas 16W 75754
TC, SP Radiator Fan Motor   Lucas 78550

Section P - Heating & Ventilation
1 Heater Fan Motor   Smith FHM 442/08
2 to 12/69 Heater Fan Motor   Smith FHM 5352/04
2, 12/69 on Heater Fan Motor   Smith FHM 5452/04
TC, SP Heater Fan Motor   Smith FHM 5452/04
TC, SP Heater Valve   TR6, British Leyland 5657555

Section Q - Clutch
All Clutch Cable   VW Bus w/ mods
TC, SP Throwout Bearing   Ford 3012E7548-C, RHP 6/W1-5057
R Throwout Bearing   Renault R16
R Clutch Disk   Ferodo 200D, 21 spline / 17 spline R12, 15, 16, 17, 18, Fuego
R Clutch Pressure Plate   Renault R16TS

Section R - Driveline
TC, SP U-Joints   Napa 344 or 341
R U-Joints   Napa 341
TC, SP Roll-Pins   Renault 7701 493 113 Outer; 7701 493 012 Inner

1, early 2 Ring for door lock   Renault 7700 589 332
1, early 2 2 Door locks+ keys (Neiman)   Valeo 252 067 (R15 & R17)