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GGLC Lotus Elise/Exige Part Interchange / Cross Reference

The Golden Gate Lotus Club Parts Interchange is an compilation of information developed by GGLC members and others to assist all Lotus owners and enthusiasts. The GGLC can not promise that this information is correct and the user should use this information as a possible alternative. The user understands that they use this information at their own risk.

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Updated: June 1, 2021

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  • S1 = S1 Elise only
  • S2 = S2 Elise only
  • Fed = US Exige/Elise only
  • SC = Supercharged Exige/Elise only
  • 11R = 111R cars only
  • Ex1 = Exige S1 only
  • Ex2 = Exige S2 only
  • All = All Elise/Exige

    Body Front Suspension Rear Suspension
    Engine Transmission Hubs & Wheels
    Steering Brakes Cooling System
    Electrical System Heating & Ventilation Clutch
    Fuel System Drive Train  

    Series/Yr Description Lotus# Cross Reference

    Section B - Body
    S2, 11R, Fed, Ex2; Side mirrors   Mini-Metro (Mirrors only - mounts are Lotus only
    Fed Replacement Door/Ignition Key (NON-LIGHTED)   SILCA HU46 (Italy)
    Ilco-Taylor HU46T2 (with black plastic) or X168 (GM Opel or Saturn)
    Fed Wheel Well Liner Wellnuts   McMaster-Carr 93495A130
    Fed Replacement Door/Ignition Key (LIGHTED)   Ilco-Taylor MZ27 (with black plastic); X222 (Mazda); ILCO# X186 B61


    Section C - Front Suspension


    Section D - Rear Suspension


    Section E - Engine
    Fed, 11R, Ex2 Engine   Toyota Celica GTS 1.8l VVTi
    Fed, 11R, Ex2, SC Oil Filter   OEM 90915-YZZF1
    Fram PH4967, PH2951, PH4386, PH5166;
    Fram Toughguard TG496;
    TRD (black US version) PTR43-33010, (red Japanese version) PTR04-00142;
    Purolator L14477 (3.52" long);
    Purolator Proline PPL14477; Purolator L14476 (2.93" long);
    Toyota 90915-03001; 90915-10004; 90915-YZZF1; 17801-YZZ03
    Mobil M1-103;
    Wix 51396, 51366, 51394, 51395, 51625;
    K&N HP-1003 or HP-2009;
    AC PF10001, PF10002, PF1233, PF1234, PF13011, PF2052, PF53J00;
    Motorcraft EFL89, FL271, FL782, FL836, FL840
    Fed, 11R, Ex2 Air Filter   K&N 33-2252
    Fram CA9482
    General Motors 88969107
    TOYOTA 17801-0D020, 17801-0D070, 17801-22020, 17801-YZZ03
    WIX 46834
    K&N 33.2252
    Microgard MGA46834
    Purolator A25463
    2004-05 Pontiac Vibe & GT 1.8L; 2002-05 Toyota Corolla 1.8L; 2003-05 Toyota Matrix XR & XRS 1.4L
    Cup Air Filter   OEM (Camry 92-01) 17801-03010; K&N 33-2145-1; TRD high flow PTR05-06990-01; Green Filter 2093
    Fed, 11R, Ex2, SC Sump Drain Gasket   Toyota 90430-12031
    Fed, 11R, Ex2 Spark Plugs   NGK V-Power BKR6E-11 (Copper)
    NGK V-Power BKR6EIX-11 (Iridium)
    NGK Laser Platinum PFR6N-11 (Laser Platinum)
    Fed, 11R, Ex2 Serpentine Belt   Gates #K060663
    AC Delco 6K663
    Dayco 5060665
    Goodyear 4060663
    Napa 25-060663
    SC Serpentine Belt   Goodyear Gatorback 4060790 or 6PK2005
    Fed, 11R, Ex2 Water Pump   Toyota #16100-29146


    Section F - Transmission
    Fed Transmission   Toyota Celica GTS
    Fed Transmission Drain Plug Gasket   Toyota 90430-18008 (18x24x2)


    Section G - Hubs, Wheels, Tires
    S2, Fed, Ex2 Wheels   Wheel bolt pattern = 4 x 100mm w/ Offsets of +31.3m front +38.0 rear


    Section H - Steering


    Section J - Brake System
    S2, Ex2, Fed Front Brake Pads   FMSI D174/109
    Rear 1989-95 Nissan Skyline GTR
    Hawk part #HB-180
    Porterfield R4 or R4S 109.14 - Fits Alfa's, BMW, Nissan, Opel
    Ferodo 4003 or Ferodo DS3000
    Mintex F4R or Mintex M1166
    Pagid RS14 or Pagid RS421
    AP Racing CP5119
    S2, Ex2, Fed Front Brake Caliper   AP Racing #CP6120
    S2, Ex2, Fed Rear Brake Pads   FMSI D491, Hawk part #HB-278; Porterfield R4 or R4S 491.12; Rear 1992-2002 Dodge Viper (must remove about 5mm to fit)
    Fed Master Brake Cylinder   FTE(Germany)#H23967.0.1 Bore size=23.81


    Section K - Cooling System
    Fed, Ex2 Coolant Reservoir   Toyota 16480-22020


    Section L - Fuel System
    Fed Fuel/Gas Cap   Jaguar P/N C2P5270. Made by Stant Manufacturing UK
    Fed Non-Locking Fuel/Gas Cap   Slant 10851 from cars: Ford Transit Connect, Volvo C30, Mazda 5, Mazda 3, Jaguar S-Type & Jaguar X-Type
    Fed Locking Fuel/Gas Cap   Slant 10521 from cars: Ford Transit Connect, Volvo C30, Mazda 5, Mazda 3, Jaguar S-Type & Jaguar X-Type


    Section M - Electrical System
    Fed Battery   BCI Group = 26R, Delco 19001598
    Fed Cobra Key Fob Battery   CR2032
    Fed Starter   Toyota 28100-22070 by Denso
    Fed Hazard Switch A340M6016F Ford 97KB13A350AC (from a Ford Transit 2001-2006)


    Section P - Heating & Ventilation


    Section Q - Clutch
    Fed Clutch Disc   Toyota 31250-52100
    Fed Pressure Plate   Toyota 31210-12251
    Fed Throwout Bearing   Toyota 31230-12191


    Section R - Driveline