GGLC Parts Cross Reference - Lotus 907 Engine

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GGLC Lotus 907 Engine Part Interchange / Cross Reference

The Golden Gate Lotus Club Parts Interchange is an compilation of information developed by GGLC members and others to assist all Lotus owners and enthusiasts. The GGLC can not promise that this information is correct and the user should use this information as a possible alternative. The user understands that they use this information at their own risk.

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Updated: July 16, 2010

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Series/Year Description Lotus# Cross Reference

Fuel & Oil
All Oil Filter A907E6000WH MG - MGB / MGB-GT
SAAB - 99 / 900 / 9000
Ford 289 / 302 / 351W / 1.6L / 2.0L / 2.3L
FoMoCo DIRY-6731A
Motorcraft FL-300
Purolator L10017
Lee LF-17HF / LF-16 / LF-16HP
Fram PH43 / PH16 / PH3963
AC PF13 / PF20
Wix 50168
Champion PH228
All Air Filter A907E6182ZH
Jaguar - XKE 70-71 & XJ6 70-78
Triumph TR7 77-78 & Stag 70-73
AC Delco A1337C
Beck Arnley 042-0976
Coopers AG487
Crossland 9035
Fram CA3166
Hastings AF44
K&N 33-2011
Mann C-4368
World Parts W27-606

Ignition & Electrical
N. Amer Sparkplugs (w/ resistor wires)   NGK BP6ES or BP5ES
Champion N9Y

N. Amer

Sparkplugs (non resistor wires)


NGK Standard BPR5ES, BPR6ES(7131), V-Power BPR6EY(6427), G-Power BPR6EGP(7084), Iridium IX BPR6EIX(6637)


Sparkplugs (w/ resistor wires, original)

Champion N7Y


Sparkplugs (non resistor wires)




Sparkplugs (May 25, 1978 on)

Champion N8Y




Lucas DRB104C w/o rev limiter

All Points A907E6206ZJ Lucas CS-1
All Condensor A907E6207ZC Lucas C-1
All Distributor Cap   Lucas EM1448
All O-Ring Seal A907E6251HC Lucas 88639
All Starter A907E6179WC Lucas S3116
All Starter - Brushes   Lucas 54246268
All Starter - Drive   Lucas 54249032
All Starter - Solenoid   Lucas 76876