Members of the Golden Gate Lotus Club

The GGLC members come from around the world.

The over 600 GGLC members are enthusiastic! As a group they own over 600 Lotus cars! GGLCers drive or race their Lotus!

GGLC members interested in having their car on this page should send a digital photo and brief paragraph about you and your car to:

Here are a few GGLC members and their cars.

Jon Henry
1989 Caterham Super 7 Sprint

Kent 1600 Crossflow engine.

Sarto Rocheleau
1966 S3 Elan Coupe (pre-airflow)

Owned since 2004, fully restored. Enjoy takng spirited weekend drives over North Bay back roads. Inventor of the knockoff spinner tools.

Michael Sands
2005 Elise

Michael enjoying his new Elise. He broke it in with a drive up California's Hwy 1 to Monterey!

Tom Carney
Else Europa S2

Tom coming down the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. Tom & Cherie have been a mainstay in the GGLC for over 20 years! Every month Tom & Cherie mail out the Chapman Report.
Mike Ostrov
Mike Ostrov
Elite-Elan conversion

Mike is "Mr. Elite". Mike is known around the globe for his knowledge of Type 14 Elite. This car is one of his Elites with an Elan chassis! Visit Mike and drive one of cars!
David Anderson
David Anderson
Elan S4

David is best known as the GGLC Membership Chairman. His "new" Elan was built by Rich Kamp of Kampena Motors. Now, David drives it everywhere!

Pete Richen
Pete Richen
Europa S2

Pete is the 2003 GGLC President. Here he is representing the GGLC by driving his Europa at the 2002 West Coast Lotus Meet.
John Zender
John Zender
Europa S2 w/ DuraTech power

Here's GGLC Track Day Chairman, John Zender, at one of the many GGLC Track Days he has presented. The "Flamer" is a highly modified and VERY fast S2 Europa. Click for More!
Chris Locke
Chris Locke
1963 Lotus 27 FJr

Chris vintages races this 27 and his 23B. The 27 was originally purchased from Lotus by Carl Haas. It was later converted to Formula B specification and raced in the US through the 60's. It was restored to Formula Junior spec in the 80's.
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson
1989 Esprit

Scott in his 1989 Esprit at Laguna Seca GGLC Track Day one giving a track hand a thrill. Scott has his Lotus since 2001 and has attended track events and drives it to work about twice a week.
Rich Kamp
Rich Kamp
Elan Sprint

Rich is a noted expert on Elans and Europas. He operates Kampena Motors. Always drives one of his Elans!
Barry Spencer
Barry Spencer
EM Solo II Europa

Barry came to the GGLC as a Lotus Engineer. Arriving from Norwich to California he was convinced not to return to the rain! Barry is not only an accomplished mechanic but was the E-Mod SCCA Solo II Champion in his Europa.

Joel Lipkin
1967 Elan S3

Joel drives his very first Lotus, a 67 S3 Elan. He takes the car out on weekends and to track day events.

Bill Root
1966 Elan S3

Sadly we lost Bill in 2009. But we remember him as an avid car guy and racer with a huge giving heart.

Ken Gray
1969 Elan S4

Ken Gray has been a GGLC for years. Ken's voice is often heard at the other end of the phone when you call Dave Bean. Besides being an Elan and Europa owner, Ken also sports a Cortina fetish.

Kiyoshi Hamai
2005 Elise

Long time GGLC member, Kiyoshi Hamai, added an Elise to the 2 Elans & Lotus 41 for a very FULL garage.

Adrian & Laurel Cockcroft
2001 Elise S1, Sun Int'l Honda VTEC power

Adrian owned a 1998 Elise while in the UK and got addicted. The converted S1 gave him the fix. Now Laurel wants one of the S2 models, they are more civilized but he thinks less pretty than the S1.

Mel Boss
1972 Elan S4

Mel Boss restored this 1972 Elan S4 Sprint Coupe more than 17 years ago. Mel drove 70 miles-daily driver for more than a year. Mel and Darlene are long time members. Here's Mel at Laguna Seca's Turn 4.

Sorinne Ardeleanu
2005 Elise

Sorinne is one of the first Lotus Elise S2 owners in the US. She loves her Lotus so much that she enjoys organizing drives with local owners and modifying her car.