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Here are links to organizations, businesses and individuals that share their enthusiasm for Lotus, cars and racing.
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Lotus Sites

Directory of Lotus Links

Directory of hundreds of well organized Lotus Links

Official Lotus Cars Site

The official web site of Lotus Cars

Lotus F1 Racing Team

The official web site Lotus F1 racing.

Classic Team Lotus

Classic Team Lotus - care and feeding for Lotus single seaters

Lotus Mailing Lists & Forums

British Speed Forum

GGLC's official forum for club news, discussions and announcements.

GGLC on LotusTalk

GGLC Forum on GGLC news, events, info and more

Lotus Mailing List

Lotus Internet Mailing List - World Wide Lotus Mailing list for posting messages, asking questions etc. Covers all models, topics, geographies

Early Elan Mailing List

Original Elan (1962-74) Mailing list

Early Elan Forum

Original Elan (1962-74) Forum

M100 Elan Forum

Forum for all M100 Elan Questions and Issues

Europa Mailing List

Europa Mailing list for all geographies and all Europa models

Seven Mailing List

Seven Mailing List for all Lotus Sevens, Caterhams, and Seven derivatives

Turbo Esprit Mailing List

Turbo Esprit Mailing list for all Esprit Turbos

The Lotus Forums

On-line forum for all models

Lotus Registries

Historic Lotus Register

UK based registry for Historic Lotus Cars

Club Elite (type 14)

Write to:

For information or to list an Elite write to Mike Ostrov

Lotus Seven

Write to:

Lotus Seven Club Historian and Archivist

Lotus Eleven Registry

Registry and listing for Lotus Elevens

Lotus 47 Europa Registry

Registry and listing for Lotus 47s

Lotus Europa Registry


Registry for Lotus Europa (classic) by owner

Lotus Elan+2 Registry

Registry and listing for Lotus Elan+2s

Lotus Elan Registry

Registry and listing for early Lotus Elans

Lotus Esprit JPS Commemorative version

Registry and listing for JPS Commemorative Esprits

Sands Museum Lotus Elise Registry

Registry and listing for all Lotus Elise

Lotus Clubs

Lotus Club of Southern California

The LCoSC is based in Southern California and a GGLC chapter club

Evergreen Lotus Car Club

The ELCC is based in the Seattle Washington area

Club Lotus Northwest

The CLNW is based in the Portland and northern Oregon area

Southern Nevada Lotus Car Club

The SNLCC is based in the Las Vegas Nevada area

Lotus of Colorado

The LOCO is based in the Denver and Colorado area

Lotus Ltd

Lotus Ltd is the largest Lotus Club in North America

Lotus Owners of New York

LOONY is based in New York

Lotus Enthusiasts - New York & New Jersey

Based in eastern New York and New Jersey

Lotus Corps

Lotus Corps service Lotus owners in the greater Chicago area

New England Lotus Lovers, Inc.

NELLI serves Lotus enthusiasts in the New England area

Philadelphia Area Lotus Society

PALS serves Lotus enthusiasts in the greater Philadelphia area

Great Lakes Lotus Club

GLLC serves Lotus enthusiasts in the greater Michigan area

Cleveland Area Lotus Lovers

CALL serves Lotus enthusiasts in the greater Cleveland and Ohio area

St Louis Area Lotus Lovers

STALLS serves Lotus enthusiasts in the greater St Louis area

North Texas Lotus Club

NTLC serves Lotus enthusiasts in Northern Texas and Dallas/Ft Worth

Lotus Owners of Southern Texas

LOST serves Lotus enthusiasts in Southern Texas and great Austin

Lotus Owners of Phoenix

LOOP serves Lotus enthusiasts in Arizona and the greater Phoenix area

Florida Lotus Clubs

This site serves ALOOF (Associated Lotus Owners of Florida), Florida Lotus Club and FLOG (Florida Lotus Owners Group)

Lotus Limited Southeast

LLSE serve the Lotus enthusiasts in the greater Atlanta area


SELOC is based in the UK and serves Lotus enthusiasts throughout the UK and beyond

Cheshire Lotus Owners Group (CLOG) UK

CLOG serves Lotus enthusiasts in the greater Cheshire UK area

Club Lotus (UK)

The original Club Lotus in the UK

Lotus Car Club of British Columbia (Canada)

LCCBC serves Lotus enthusiasts in the greater British Columbia, Canada area

Club Lotus Austria

Club Lotus Austria serves Lotus enthusiasts across Austria

Lotus Club Holland

Lotus Club Holland serves Lotus enthusiasts in the Netherlands

Lotus Club Portugal

Lotus Club Portugal serves Lotus enthusiasts in Portugal

Lotus Club Deutschland

Lotus Club Deutschland (Germany) serves Lotus enthusiasts in Germany

Club Lotus France

Club Lotus France serves Lotus enthusiasts throughout France

Club Lotus Australia

Lotus Club Australia serves Lotus enthusiasts in Australia

Club Lotus Queensland Australia

Club Lotus Queensland Australia serves Lotus enthusiasts in Queensland area of Australia

Technical Info Sites

Esprit Fact File

The Esprit Fact File can be an invaluable resource for Esprit enthusiasts

British Car Tech Info

General British car tech info

Inside Racing Technology

Site run by Paul Haney. Great info on tires and suspension

Lotus Europa (classic)

The Lotus Europa site can be an invaluable resource for classic Europa enthusiasts

Lotus Europa Central

Lotus Europa Central can be an invaluable resource for classic Europa enthusiasts

Lotus Elan Sprint

Lotus Elan Sprint covers the classic Elan Sprint

Lotus Elan Central (M100)

Lotus Elan Central covers the M100 Elan

Lotus Elise

Specifications, detail, history about the Lotus Elise

Parts & Service Providers

Dave Bean Engineering

Dave Bean is the source for many un-obtainable parts for classic Lotus cars


JAE has parts for Esprit, Elan, Europa, Elise and other Lotus parts

Kampena Motors

Kampena Motors provides parts, service and restoration of classic Elans, Europas and Sevens

Sports Car World

Sports Car World provides parts for classic Elans, Europas and Esprits

Knock-Off Spinner Tool

Provides specialty tools for 2 and 3 eared knock offs

Exotic Autoworks - Campbell, CA

Provides Lotus collision repair

British Motor Cars - San Francisco, CA

British Motor Cars provides Sales of new Lotus cars, parts, service and restoration for Elise, Exige, Evora

Spencers Motorsports

Lotus engine and transmission rebuild, repair, tuning

Sector 111

Parts and Accessories for Elise, Exige, 211 & Evora

Dietsch Motorsports

Service, Repair, Upgrades for Lotus Cars. Livermore, CA

British Racing Group

Sales & Service for Lotus & Specialty Cars

Lotus Garage

OEM Lotus Parts

Europa Engineering - UK

Formerly Banks Service. Parts, Mods & accessories for Lotus Europa (classic)

Caterham Cars UK

Builder of Caterham Sevens

Caterham Cars US

US Sales and distribution of Caterham cars

Lotus Prepared by Claudius

Lotus Service and repair, focused upon the Esprit

Viking Motors

Parts, service and restoration for all Lotus cars - Costa Mesa, CA

The Lotus Web Shop

Classifieds & other Lotus merchandise

Minilite Wheels

North American sales for Minilite Wheels

R.D. Enterprises

Lotus parts and accessories for classic Elan, Seven, Europa, Esprit and more

Randal Fehr Restorations

Service and Restorations of Lotus - Seattle WA

Talbot Co.

Vintage reproduction parts, mirrors, etc

BBB Motors

Elise/Exige parts & conversions

Suspension Performance

Full service, repair, upgrades for Elise, Exige, 211, Evora. Factory Trained

Chuforia Graffix

Decals, stickers, clear bra, body wraps and more for Elise, Exige, Evora, etc.

British Racing Group

Sales of Lotus both classic and new

Competition Safety Gear

Motorsports safety gear - helmets, suits, gloves, boots & more

Got Blue Milk Motorsports Photography

Track Day and Motorsports photography

Vision Wells

Custom On-track video production

Places to Sell/Buy a Lotus

Just Classics

On-line site to buy/sell classic cars

The Car Experience

On-line site to buy/sell exotic cars

Lotus Info & Auto Sites

Colin Chapman Museum

The Colin Chapman Museum in the UK is dedicated to preserving the works of Chapman

Lotus in the Movies

A complete list of Lotus cars in movies & TV!

Michael Oliver's On-Line Museum

Website for motorsport historian Michael Oliver

Historic Grand Prix

Historic F1 Racing, information, history & schedule

Simple Sevens

Information about the original Lotus Seven

Lotus Seven

Claude's Garage

Lotus Esprit Turbo

History and information on the Esprit Turbo

Lotus M100 Elan

History and information on the M100 Elan compiled by Wayne Broadley

Grand Prix History

Historic F1 Racing, information, history & more

The Rally Club

Car rallye events in Northern California. Co-presents The Toy Rallye with the GGLC