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Text Box: GGLC 2002 
NOTE: Events in BOLD are new or changed from last month.

May 	2	GGLC Track Day, Thunderhill 
	17	Monthly Meeting:
		The Stones
		579 Rockport drive
	19	Dixon British Show & Swap Meet 
	25	British Car Week, DRIVE YOUR CAR !
      	29	Wine Country Classic @ Sears Point Raceway 

June	9	12th annual Hayward State All British Field Meet 		(show & swap meet) Call Jon Becker for info (925)-		689-4005 
	13	GGLC Track Day,  Laguna Seca
	15	Mt. Hamilton Run, led by Mike Schlict
	21 	Monthly Meeting (location TBD)
July 	5	GGLC Track Day, Thunderhill 
	19	Monthly Meeting (location TBD)

August 	10 	Dubberley Santa Cruz Mtn. Drive, BBQ & Mtg.
	16	Concourso Italiano, featuring Italian Race Cars and 		Racing Stars (for Lotus Corral info please contact 			Daren Stone@ (408) 527-5044.
	16-18	29th Monterey Historic Races, featuring Corvette
	21	GGLC Track Day, Thunderhill (moved from 9/24)
September 	8	25th All-British Car Meet
			Palo Alto, CA

October		18	Monthly Meeting
		24-27 	West Coast Lotus Meet, Monterey
			In conjunction with the SCCA Fall Vintage 			Races honoring Lotus

November 	15	Monthly Meeting	

December 	1	Toy Rallye, Fremont
		14	Holiday Party, New Officer Initiation and				Monthly Meeting
				The Acorn Restaurant, Menlo Park	
		31	GGLC Track Day, Laguna Seca 

Hayward State All British Field meet is June 9th (not June 12 as shown in last monthís calendar)
Text Box: Page #
Text Box: 	Our phenomenal year of great driving events continued last month with our annual Sierra Foothills Run.  We had a great turnout of cars and beautiful weather.  Others will write up details about the event, so I wonít belabor it here, except to say you better plan on going next year!

	We held the April meeting at Brandon Burkeís home and thank you Brandon for hosting the meeting.  We started planning for the upcoming West Coast Lotus Meet which we are all very excited about. We still need more helpers, so if you are interested, please contact any of the officers or attend this monthís meeting for more information.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the meeting as Iím stuck in Colorado attending to family matters once again, but our other directors and officers will be able to handle any questions.  Kiyoshi is the point man for the WCLM.

	In about one month on June 13, remember we have another Laguna Seca track day!  We will have a record three track days at Laguna this year, so remember to sign up soon, as this track day will surely fill up at this world famous track! 
	I met Maximillian Cooper last January and he told me about his event named the Gumball Rally 3000.  It is an event in the spirit of the original Cannonball-type cross-country race.  He has held a few of these in Europe the in the past, and last year he told me he arrived in first place in a Lotus Esprit!  Iíve seen the videos and it is truly crazy.  And this year they started off at the ďLotusĒ club!  Here is their most recent press release for your reading enjoyment.  I donít know if any Loti were involved this year, as the event just ended, but Iíll find out and report later.  I will add that the press release fails to mention all the arrests, impounded cars, and other Ďincidentsí that Iíve learned occurred from participants whom I know personally, but weíll leave that out to protect the innocent/guilty!

	After 6 days and 3000 miles the cars and stars taking part in the fourth annual 'Gumball 3000' Rally crossed the