GGLC Autocross Indexing Tool

Car classing for the Golden Gate Lotus Club Autocross series is a combination of Lotus model, tire type and Index. Indexing is a commonly used handicapping system for comparing times of cars whose set-up and modification are varied. Separate year end trophies will be awarded for each class. Not all classes require an Index. Please Index your car if it is required in your car's class.

In order to participate in an "indexed" class you must first Index your car using this page. Select the appropriate options for your car and press the "Index" button to get your GGLC Index for your car (Lotus Elise/Exige only). Enter your Index into the registration page during sign-up. If you have any questions about this page or the indexing system please contact

Tire Wear:

Front Tire Width:

Rear Tire Width:




Front camber modification (Machined or aftermarket A-arms)

Aftermarket swaybar (Adjustable allowed)

LSD (Limited Slip Differential)