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2022 GGLC AutoX Events

  • Sun, Mar 27 - Cow Palace
  • Sun, Apr 10 - Crows Landing
  • Sat, May 21 - Crows Landing
  • Sat, May 28 - Cow Palace (School)
  • Sun, June 12 - Cow Palace
  • Sat, July 9 - Cow Palace
  • Sun, Aug 28 - Cow Palace
  • Sat, Sept 17 Crows Landing
  • Sat, Oct 1 - Crows Landing
  • Sun, Oct 30 - CANCELLED
  • Sat, Nov 12 - CANCELLED
  • 2022 GGLC Autocross Results

    PDF reader required for Results & Points
    2022 Season Points
    Rd#1 Results - Mar 27, 2022
    Rd#2 Results - Apr 10, 2022
    Rd#3 Results - May 21, 2022
    GGLC AutoX School - May 28, 2022
    Rd#4 Results - June 12, 2022
    Rd#5 Results - July 9, 2022
    Rd#6 Results - Aug 28, 2022

    2021 GGLC Autocross Results

    PDF reader required for Results & Points
    2021 Season Points
    Rd#1 Results - Mar 7, 2021
    Rd#2 Results - Mar 28, 2021
    Rd#3 Results - Apr 10, 2021
    Rd#4 Results - May 22, 2021
    Rd#5 Results - June 12, 2021
    Rd#6 Results - July 24, 2021
    Rd#7 Results - Aug 21, 2021
    Rd#8 Results - Sep 19, 2021
    Rd#9 Results - Oct 31, 2021

    2020 GGLC Autocross Results

    PDF reader required for Results & Points
    2020 Season Points
    Rd#1 Results - June 27, 2020
    Rd#2 Results - Aug 2, 2020
    Rd#3 Results - Sept 12, 2020
    Rd#4 Results - Oct 18, 2020
    Rd#5 Results - Nov 14, 2020

    2019 GGLC Autocross Results

    PDF reader required for Results & Points
    2019 Season Points

    Rd#1 Results - May 11, 2019
    Rd#2 Results - June 2, 2019
    Rd#3 Results - June 29, 2019
    Rd#4 Results - July 21, 2019
    Rd#5 Results - Aug 24, 2019
    Rd#6 Results - Sept 22, 2019
    Rd#7 Results - Oct 27, 2019

    2018 GGLC Autocross Results

    PDF reader required for Results & Points
    2018 Season Points

    Rd#1 Results - April 8, 2018
    Rd#2 Results - May 5, 2018
    Rd#3 Results - June 2, 2018
    Rd#4 Results - July 1, 2018
    Rd#5 Results - July 28, 2018
    Rd#6 Results - Aug 26, 2018
    Rd#7 Results - Sept 22, 2018
    Rd#8 Results - Oct 21, 2018

    2017 GGLC Autocross Results

    PDF reader required for Results & Points
    2017 Season Points

    Rd#1 Results - April 23, 2017
    Rd#2 Results - May 21, 2017
    Rd#3 Results - June 17, 2017
    Rd#4 Results - July 15, 2017
    Rd#5 Results - Aug 13, 2017
    Rd#6 Results - Sept 9, 2017
    Rd#7 Results - Oct 8, 2017
    Rd#8 Results - Nov 4, 2017

    The Golden Gate Lotus Club announces a tentative schedule of dates for our Lotus Autocrosses in 2021.

    GGLC Autocrosses are designed to allow the Lotus and sports car enthusiast enjoy driving in controlled conditions without random traffic and law enforcement. GGLC autocross is the perfect place to explore the the capability of your car.

    What is an Autocross?

    An autocross is a driving event where you can drive your car on a closed temporary course. A typical autocross course is marked out with orange traffic pylons and is driven at lower speeds. Drivers are timed while on course and hitting a pylon adds a 1 second penalty. Typically the course is layed out to test a driver's skill and the cars handling and agility. GGLC events are low-key, fun and encourage drivers to enjoy and learn about their cars.

    GGLC Autocross events will be will have a limited number of drivers to allow drivers to get a large number of runs. Drivers are broken into groups and the groups rotate between running and working. All drivers are required to work.

    Drivers are asked to arrive early to help set-up and to attend a driver's meeting before the first run group.

    GGLC Autocross Chair: Colm Gavin - autocross"at"
    Feel free to email Colm any questions concerning the GGLC Autocrosses.

    For newbies and novices, there will be experienced drivers available at the event to give you tips and coaching.

    Click here for results and stories about past GGLC Autocross events - Past Events

    This season, we have “official” numbers. Please email your request for your numbers to: autocross"at"

    Assistance- putting on a autocross, is very much a volunteer effort. There are a couple of areas, that we require a pool of helpers to cover. Two or three to get the equipment set up. 8-10 people to help set up the course. You will need to be on site 7:00- 7:15, to get started.

    IMPORTANT! Please review and familiarize yourself with the GGLC Autocross Rules.

    ALLOWED & NOT ALLOWED CAR/VEHICLES: (These are guidelines. The GGLC Autocross Event Chair has the right to bar any vehicle from competeting for safety.)

  • Allowed: Sports cars, passenger sedans, go-karts (Check SCCA Solo Rules for a current list of allowed vehicles) SCCA Solo Classes)
  • Not Allowed: Motorcycles (as defined by the California Vehicle Code), SUVs, Pick-Up Trucks, CUVs (vehicles with high center of gravity).

    Watch this short GGLC Autocross Orientation Video

    GGLC Autocross - Saturday, September 17, 2022

    Crows Landing Air Base, Crows Landing CA

    REGISTRATION is open!
    If the Event sells out overflow will go onto a waitlist.

    This will be a points event for club members.

    IMPORTANT: Everyone entering the autocross site will need to sign a GGLC Event Waiver at SpeedWaiver.

    This is event is open members and non-club members. (Only participating GGLC members can register during first week of registration. During this first week if you can not proceed to registration (past this page) this means your club membership on this site is not confirmed. Send us email to clear this up.) Club members are also given preference on the waitlist.

    Entry Fee(includes sandwich and drink for lunch):

  • GGLC Members: $85
  • Non-Members: $95
  • There is a $10 discount if this is your first autocross with the GGLC! (great for bringing a friend)

    GGLC Typical Run/Work Group Order:
    "A" runs, "B" works
    "B" runs, "C" works
    "C" runs, "A" works

    IMPORTANT - Please read and follow the GGLC COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines -
    GGLC COVID-19 Rules


  • Bring LOTS of water, there's no water on-site. REPEAT, bring LOTS of water!
  • Bring Food for yourself (lunch & snacks)
  • Sun-screen is a must if you're prone to burning. It gets HOT!!! Bring a wide brim hat.
  • Prepare for hot dry conditions - umbrella for shade, spray bottle, towel
  • Helmets are required, Z90, DOT or better. THERE WILL BE NO loaner helmets available.
  • All occupants (driver and passenger) must have a helmet and seat belt on while on course.
  • ALL cars must have car numbers on both sides, large and easy to read!
  • Video and digital cameras must be securely mounted, hand held cameras are not allowed in the car while on course.
  • Course workers should not use their phones for calls or texting while working!
  • Age limit is 18 to drive, drivers must have valid driver's license.
  • Speed limit within the Autocross site is a maximum of 15 MPH
  • Self-Tech Inspection - READ and USE this article on "Car Preparation"

    This will be a points event for club members. Five timed runs, counting towards the point series for each GGLC member. With fun runs (timed) for the rest of the day. Non club members think of this as a fun/practice event . 1 second penalty per cone hit .

    Only GGLC members can compete for points. Others should only register choosing fun/practice option provided.

    GGLC members running for points must properly fill out their car class and Index information. Remember, we will score your points using indexed times based on this information. It is your responsiblity to enter correct information. When unsure please contact us for clarification. See below on details of indexed times calculation.

    Incorrect car class and Index information may lead to artifically low indexed times which in turn will unjustly place you ahead of others. If this happens and others protest event organizers will correct results once the truth is established.

    We use permanent number system throuout entire year race season and don't allow duplicate numbers. Acceptable numbers are given from the pool 1...999. Leading zeroes are ignored (i.e. 042 and 42 is the same number). Once the number is used it stays with that driver.

    If you want to use your own car numbers or want to change number please contact us to make sure your desired number is not taken already by some one else. Chuforia graffix is the official graphics provider for the GGLC. You can order numbers or any other car graphics from them. Please make your car number highly visible (blue tape on blues cars is not highly visible!)

    If you drive at the event you're required to honor your work assignment.

    If you sign up for event you are required to honor your work assignment for entire day. If you have some kind of emergency situation please exercise common courtesy and work it out with event chair so that your position can be covered.

    SCHEDULE (typical)
    7:00-8:00 Arrival & Set-up
    8:00-8:40 Check-in and Course Walk-Thru
    8:40-9:00 Driver's Meeting (Mandatory)
    9:00-12:00 Morning runs - Groups alternate Running and Working
    12:00-12:45 Lunch Break
    12:45-4:15 Afternoon runs - Group alternate Running and Working

    2022 Classes include 3 classes for newer Lotus models. The classes separate cars by tire - Street, R-Tire and Race. These classes are Index to adjust scores for equipment and modifications. There are new classes for Classic and Race prepared Lotus cars. We would love to see more members bring their Classic Lotus out!

    2022 Classes

    If you want to compete for season points in Open class you need to know your SCCA Solo-2 car class. Check out this page for reference. You can find PAX values for 2015 at this LINK

    This GGLC Autocross takes place at the Crows Landing Naval Air Base in Crow Landing California. .

    IMPORTANT! Do not use Bell Rd from Fink. Follow the directions below.


  • Take the Fink Rd. turnoff from I-5.
  • Take Fink Rd. EAST.
  • DO NOT use Bell Rd from Fink. It is blocked.
  • Drive into Crows Landing and turn left on Highway 33. (3.9 miles)
  • Turn left onto Ike Crow Road. (1.1 miles)
  • Site entrance is at the corner of Bell Rd. and Ike Crow Rd. (1.3 miles)

    GGLC Autocross Registration

    The GGLC is using for registration. is a secure site that allows you to pay with your credit card. Lunch is included in your entry.

    To register go to