GGLC Track Day Entry Form

On-Line Entry - Instructions
1. Fill out (# are required)
2. PRINT and bring this form with you to the GGLC Track Day
3. Click the "SUBMIT" button.

Track Day Event Date: #
Track Location:
Name: #
Address: #
City: #
State #    Zip/Postal Code: #
email: #
Phone (day): #
Phone (evening):
Car - Make, Model, Yr: #
Car Color:
How many times (approx) have you driven on a race track? #
Do you prefer to run in the "Fast (F)" or "Not-so-fast (NF)" group? #

Be sure to PRINT this form before hitting the "Submit" button. Complete and sign the TECH SHEET and bring it with you to the event.


______ Tires - legal tread
______ Tires - no cracks or excess aging
______ Brake lights working
______ Brake fluid full and clean
______ Brake pedal firm
______ Steering wheel - minimum play
______ Wheels - trim rings, hub caps removed
______ Wheel bearings - tight
______ Seat belts in good condition
______ Battery securely mounted
______ Fluid leaks - no major
______ Expansion tank for coolant
______ Helmet - Snell 85 or better

Inspected by Driver (signature): _______________________________________

Date inspected: ______________________________________