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The GGLC Autocrosses are fun, educational and challenging way to drive your Lotus or sports car at the limit. But, like any motorsport there are elements of risk and it is encumbent upon every participant to THINK SAFETY and constantly be aware of their surroundings at the autocross site.

GGLC Autocross Safety Guidelines

Safety is #1! Safety is the job of every person that attends a GGLC Autocross event. Cars are traveling at high speeds on course and in constant motion in the paddock and grid. ALWAYS be aware of moving cars. Here are safety guidelines for the various work positions.


  • Be AWARE at all times!
  • Follow the instructions of the workers.
  • STOP IMMEDIATELY if you see a red flag! Stay stopped until instructed by a worker. Then drive at half speed or less.
  • Be sure you and your passengers are belted and have your helmet securely fastened before leaving grid.


  • Be aware of what is happening on course. One person should act as the spotter and work the radio to communicate with the starter, workers and grid.
  • If the spotter sees a situation where workers are at risk the spotter should call for a red flag.


  • The grid worker shall keep the flow of cars to the start box even.
  • Check that everyone in the car is wearing and has their helmet strapped.
  • Check that everyone in the car has their seatbelt securely fastened.
  • Remind passengers to keep their body parts inside the car.
  • Check that windows are rolled down.
  • Cameras MUST be firmly mounted to the car (no hand held cameras or phones)


  • The Starter is the first line of safety. Do not release a car on course until it is safe to do so!
  • Do not release a car until you know that course workers are in a safe position.
  • Do not release a car until you have check passengers for seatbelts and helmets.


  • ALWAYS be aware of where the cars are!!
  • DO NOT get in the way of any moving car!!
  • Work as a team. Red Flag any car if you think they will put a fellow course worker in danger.
  • Communicate. Use the radio to report anything you see and think is an unsafe situation.
  • DO NOT use your mobile phone or device while working the course!!
  • Wear a safety vest
  • Always keep the red flag at the ready
  • In the event of a car fire, approach the burning car if safe to do so! Aim the extinguisher at the base of the flames.


  • NEVER put yourself in harms way!
  • DO NOT go near the course!
  • Be aware at all times. There are moving cars everywhere.

    GGLC Autocross Rules

    Here are a few basic rules that we ask you to follow to help keep the GGLC Autocross events as safe as possible.


  • Do not leave grid until instructed by the Grid Marshall.
  • Speed limit in the paddock is 15 MPH and under.
  • When entering or leaving the autocross site abide by the speed limits and law. No exhibits of speed. Such behavior will get us removed from future use of the site. And, get you banned from GGLC events.


  • Always help one another. If you see someone doing something unsafe or in harms way, tell them.
  • If you see something you think is not safe tell the Event Chair or Official